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Training Needs Analysis

How do you currently decide what type of internal training you want your team to attend? It can be a challenge to make sure you are picking the correct training for each team member, and ensuring your team get the most benefit from the training you have selected. Many businesses fail to recognise the value of training to improve competitiveness.

Approximately 40% of Australian organisations have no formal training schemes and more than 30% have no formal instruction to develop skills. In addition, those organisations who do invest in training often report less than optimal outcomes from their training investment.

A training needs analysis can be used to ensure you have selected the right training for your organisation.

What Is Training Needs Analysis?

Training needs analysis is a formal process to determine which training needs to be completed in a certain period to allow their team to complete their job as effectively as possible, as well as progress and grow.

Training Needs Analysies by PAS

Many different types of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) may be conducted to achieve different outcomes. The main types of TNA conducted by PAS and the key questions answered by each are:

  • Organisational Training Analysis – An analysis of the business needs or other reasons the training is desired.
    • What is the organisation overall trying to accomplish?
    • Who decided that training should be conducted?
    • Why is training seen as the recommended solution to a business problem?
  • Personnel Analysis – Analysis dealing with potential participants and instructors involved in the process.
    • Who will receive the training and their level of existing knowledge?
    • What is their learning style?
    • Who will conduct the training?
    • Do the employees have the required skills?
  • Job Role / Task Analysis – Analysis of the tasks being performed. This is an analysis of the job and the requirements for performing the work.
    • What are the main duties and skill level required for a task?
    • What should training for these skill and duties look like?
  • Training Outcome Analysis – Analysis of the results of training currently undertaken within the company.
    • Is training producing the desired results?
    • Is training being delivered in an efficient manner?
    • Am I getting value for money with my training?
  • Regulatory Analysis – Analysis of documents, laws and procedures used on the job for training requirements.
    • What training am I legally required to give my employees?
    • What training do my procedures require employees to have?
    • Are their contradictions between my training and my documentation?


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