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Process Improvement

While small businesses are less complex than larger organisations, it doesn’t mean that their processes are any less important. In fact, it is often the business processes which differentiate one small business from another.

The need to improve business processes may be evident through lost leads, product or service quality issues, lost time, or other indicators, yet few managers know how or where to identify the root cause of these issues. PAS staff can help you to identify underperforming processes across all areas of your business.

  • Operational: This includes the core business and that creates income, such as orders from customers and service delivery
  • Management: This includes processes such as safety, purchasing and employee oversight
  • Supporting: This includes those processes that support other processes such as recruitment, accounting and customer feedback.

The PAS team brings extensive experience in auditing, improving and documenting procedures within aviation (arguably the world’s most procedure driven industry) and a professional approach to your small business improvement. Our team are adept at:

  • Identifying business needs and problems
  • Understanding current business processes
  • Considering customer perspectives
  • Aiming for long-term improvement
  • Identifying changes suited to the scale and budget of the business
  • Documenting changes in a clear and concise manner.

If identifying bottlenecks, reducing costs and improving output quality is important to you why not contact the team at PAS for a confidential discussion of your business process improvement needs.


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