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Competency Based Training

In today’s environment most businesses or organisations are facing increasing pressure from employees, clients, and regulators to ensure staff are fully skilled and workplace training is up to date.

The right internal training that can deliver high quality skills in an efficient and effective manner. PAS staff are adept at developing training and assessment materials which deliver the competencies you require.

If you require your internal training to meet Australian competency-based training standards so employees can gain recognition toward nationally accredited competencies, PAS staff can assist. We have extensive experience with the competency-based training and can:

  • Determine training competency needs
  • Develop training to meet organisational and/or nationally recognised competency requirements
  • Map current company training to national competency requirements
  • Source nationally accredited training providers to recognise your training.

If you need to upskill your employees, provide nationally recognised accreditation for your internal training or want to improve your training outcomes.


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