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Fuel tank Safety

Fuel Tank Safety Level 2 Initial Training

Level 2 training is is aimed at those who are required to plan, perform, supervise, inspect and certify the maintenance of aircraft and its fuel system components within CASA Part 145 organisations. This two-day comprehensive classroom course meets Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Part 66 fuel system safety training requirements for all staff involved in inspection and maintenance procedures. Learn the theoretical and practical fundamentals for ensuring the integrity of a system’s features and to prevent unsafe conditions.
Training Objectives
  • The theoretical background behind the fuel tank safety requirements
  • Relevant major accidents and accident investigations and their conclusions.
  • Understand relevant legislation: SFARs from 14 CFR SFAR 88 of the FAA and JAA Internal Policy (INT POL) 25/12
  • Explain the concepts relating to fuel system safety: the results of SFAR 88 of the FAA and JAA INT POL 25/12: modifications, airworthiness limitations and CDCCL
  • Where relevant information can be found by the mechanics and how to use and interpret this information (maintenance manuals, aeronautical product maintenance manuals).
  • Fuel Tank Safety and Maintenance: fuel tank entry and exit procedures, clean working environment, what is meant by configuration control, wire separation, bonding of parts etc.
  • Flammability reduction systems (FRS): reason for their presence, their effects,safety precautions in maintenance/working with an FRS.
  • Recording maintenance actions, recording measures and results of inspections.

Fuel Tank Safety Level 2 Continuation Training

CASA stipulate that fuel tank safety “Refresher Training” is required within every 2 year period. Key Topics Based on the same principles as the Initial Level 2 Training. Updates on regulatory developments and Type Certificate Holder recommendations in the area of fuel tank system safety. Latest recommendations as well as refresher training satisfying CASA Part 145/66 continuation training requirements


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