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Situational Awareness Skills Training

SSA testing has demonstrated the predictive capacity of a test that identifies an individual’s vulnerability to incidents. However, identification of unsafe workers alone does not reduce incidents. To complement the SSA suite of testing solutions Progressive Aviation Solutions offers the Situational Safety Awareness ©Psyfactors range of training programs.

There are two SSA Training programs:

  • One for operators – leading to development of safety behaviours for the self.
  • One for managers- Developing behaviours for safety through others.

Personnel learn

  • How various ‘Human Factors’ affect them on the job
  • How to assess themselves for risk
  • Specific ways to recover their Situational Awareness
  • How to quickly assess the risk in tasks and people around them

The Objective:  Your people start work;

  • Conscious of what they bring to the job each day
  • With a heightened awareness of risk
  • Making a personal decision to be safe
  • Knowing a quick means of recovering their attention: seeing the risk.


  • Find it effortless to think
  • Switch rapidly between demands
  • Anticipate & cope with sudden changes
  • Are not preoccupied or fixated
  • Find it easy to remember things
  • See things more quickly that others miss
  • Are alert to their increasing fatigue
So as to more effectively

“See, Understand and Avoid”

The critical skill for safety
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