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SSA for General Industry

The Situational Safety Awareness test is ideally suited to many of Australia’s most dangerous industries including, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Fisheries, Road & Rail Transport, Logistics and Construction. Traditionally risk in these industries has been mitigated through process and equipment controls. Although these controls have achieved measurable safety improvements it has become apparent that the safety return on investment from these traditional interventions is declining and a new method of safety control which addresses the Human Factor is required.

The decline in effectiveness of traditional control methods has resulted in an “incident plateau” below which further regulation or skills training are unlikely to reduce accident levels. Accidents occurring at this level are primarily attributed to Human Error in which loss of situational awareness plays a key role.

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With customised versions available for all industrial roles the SSA represents the pinnacle of worker Situational Awareness assessment. As a highly validated and reliable assessment of worker safety competency the SSA is the first step in overcoming the incident plateau and reducing Human Factors related incidents. By using the SSA for recruitment and monitoring of your workforce you can:

  • Reduce lost time injuries
  • Ensure new recruits have the cognitive skills necessary to undertake the role
  • Easily compare human error risk potential between different worker groups
  • Assess factors affecting workers after an incident
  • Target safety training initiatives to needs areas and maximise return on investment
  • Obtain valid and reliable data on employee performance for your SMS
  • Save money on safety interventions
  • Be proactive in ensuring staff are fit for work

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*Worksafe Australia 2014 figures

How effective is the SSA?

Industry trials showed that candidates recruited only if they could achieve a minimum SSA score of 60:
  • Were seven times less likely to have incidents when compared with employees who had not been screened at the time of recruitment.
Sector: Warehousing, mining, smelting and transport
  • And had a lost time injury rate of less than 2.7.
Sector: Heavy and long range transport (coal fields).


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