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SSA for Healthcare

In medicine, increasing concerns over safety have generated an interest in human factors as an opportunity to help develop clinical process efficiency, improve the quality of care, and boost the satisfaction of patients and clinicians. Such opportunities exist not only in terms of equipment and medical device design but also within the recruitment and training of personnel

“Most serious medical errors are committed by competent, caring people doing what other competent, caring people would do” – Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP

Study, practice and motivation do not make a person mistake-proof. Each day experienced and well-intentioned clinicians go about their work in systems that are set up to fail them, and this is further complicated by the set of human factors that individuals bring with them each day.

As a comprehensive, valid and reliable measure of healthcare workers situational awareness and safety skills the Situational Safety Awareness Test represents the first line of defence against Human error in your workforce.

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Situation awareness is critical in all areas of healthcare, especially in acute medicine when changes to the patient’s condition have to be responded to promptly (e.g. anaesthesia).

Way et al (2003) analysed 252 laparoscopic bile duct injuries and found that the errors stemmed mainly from surgeons’ misperception (i.e. poor situation awareness) rather than problems in technical skills. Situation awareness and concentration are diminished by fatigue and stress and can be affected by interruptions and distractions.

With customised versions available for all heathcare industry roles the SSA represents the pinnacle of worker Situational Awareness assessment. As a highly validated and reliable assessment of worker safety competency the SSA is the first step in overcoming the Human Factors related incidents. By using the SSA for recruitment and monitoring of your workforce you can:

  • Reduce medication administration errors
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce surgical error
  • Target training at human factors needs areas
  • Identify workers at risk of SA loss before they enter the workforce
  • Identify workers at risk of SA loss due to personal events (stress, fatigue)

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