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Employee Safety Assessment

Employee Safety Skills Assessment

Progressive Aviations Solutions recommends the Situational Safety Awareness Inventory (SSA) ©psyfactors for assessment of employee safety behaviours.

The comprehensive competency based Situational Safety Awareness test measures job safety readiness in high risk industries. The tests are legally defensible and provide a practical defence to Australian OHS Act requirements.

The SSA can help your organisations:

  • Assess the potential risk of candidate breakdown in situational awareness
  • Identify candidate capacity to maintain effective attention and vigilance, to comprehend hazardous situations and project the outcome
  • Highlight the underlying attitudes and self awareness of candidates and workforces that may influence performance
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in selection, recruitment, training, management and safety outcomes
  • Assess employee safety competence – not just attitude

If safety is your key concern then contact us today to join some of Australia’s largest companies in experiencing the SSA difference.

Real World Safety Results

These statistics from a recent study using a sample of 808 Heavy Industrial and Mining employees clearly show the safety improvements possible with the SSA:

  • New recruits who scored at or greater than 60 on The SSA were seven times less likely to have incidents than employees who had not been screened at recruitment
  • 1.5% of tested recruits accounted for 9.25% of incidents compared to 10.3% of untested recruits who accounted for 90.7% of total incidents resulting in a ratio of 1:6.9 in favour of tested recruits
The SSA in Brief

Delivery Method:

  • Online or Paper


  • Screening candidates for recruitment or promotion to safety leadership roles
  • Screening contractors before granting site access
  • Accident and incident investigation
  • Assessing existing employees for likely points of safety breakdown as part of your safety training program
  • Benchmarking the differing workforce safety needs across your organisation
  • Comparing safety mindfulness of employees between sites or employee groups


  • Individual Narrative
  • Group Ranked
  • Training Needs
  • Norms: General & CustomGroup Comparison


  • English, Generic Spanish


  • Aviation, Resources and Energy, Manufacturing, Building & Construction, Transport, , General Industrial, Healthcare.

Example Reports:



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