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Safety Assurance

Progressive Aviation’s extensive range of safety assurance products will empower you to improve safety performance across your organization. Designed to protect workers, assets and business from the threat posed by human error our safety testing and training products are tailored to individual industry groups and are available for all high risk industries.

Our easy to access and use online self service portal allows for storage all your employee safety data in one centralized online database, and easy management, tracking and reporting of your safety metrics in real-time.

We provide the following safety assurance products in a cost effective online format:

Employee Safety Skills Assessment

Utilising the latest in Psychometric Safety Skills Assessments (The SSA©psyfactors) Progressive Aviation Solutions is able to provide a comprehensive assessment of your current and potential employee’s likelihood of involvement in a safety related incident.

Human Factors Incident Analysis

The HFA plus+ ©psyfactors survey is a Human Factors Analysis which is designed to identify the human contribution to incidents. By using the HFA Plus+ framework for accident investigation, organizations are able to identify the breakdowns within the entire system that allowed an accident to occur.

Situational Awareness Skills Training

Have you identified a situational awareness problem in your workforce? If so the Situational Safety Awareness training program is just what you need. Designed to complement the SSA test this program will improve your employees and managers develop their safety abilities.

These integrated applications can be purchased individually or as a package, allowing you to use a single product or a complete integrated human risk management system tailored to your company’s unique requirements.

In addition to our online services we are able to provided tailored face to face solutions to your human error and safety needs. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Customised safety and human factors training
  • Fatigue risk management services
For more information or a confidential discussion for your safety needs please contact us.


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