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drone crash

Recent Crash Highlights Drone Risks

The unfortunate report of a 3.5kg drone injuring a person when it crashed through a high rise window in Sydney on 15 January 2021, shows the very real dangers posed by a drone accident.

drone crash

Although this is the first well reported accident of its kind in Australia, Australian Aviation revealed that near encounters of ‘manned’ aircraft with drones have doubled in three years.

This increase in close calls runs alongside the exponential rise in the number of drones – now estimated to be at least 50,000, and possibly hundreds of thousands in Australia, and the accompanied rise in drone operators conducting complex commercial operations.

To manage this spike in drones and operators, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) created regulations to make sure that drone operations are conducted in a safe manner and the risk of accidents are appropraitel mitigated. To use a remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) for a business or as part of your job, the operator must adhere to specific CASA requirements. Unfortunately there are still many pilots who are unaware of the legal requirements and best practices for operating drones safely, continuing to conduct business as they have always done.

This accident in Sydney highlights how important it is for drone operators to audit their own compliance and organizations hiring drone operators to assess contracted drone operators to ensure they meet and continue to adhere to the processes and procedures required by CASA at a minimum.

If you are unsure if your drone operations or those of your contractors are being conducted with regard to the highest levels of safety a compliance audit by one of our qualified and experienced auditor can give you piece of mind.

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