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Pilots return CASA

Post COVID-19 CASA Checklist

Pilots return CASA

The Coronavirus has caused massive upheaval and disruption to the Aviation industry as a whole, but one of the major effects this has had on pilots, has been the forced break imposed on them from flying.

Now that the Australian Government is starting to ease the restrictions, it’s time for pilots to get back in the air! To ensure a significant increase in the safety of your flight after this long absence, CASA has announced a series of Fit to Fly checklists designed to assess pilots’ fitness to return to the cockpit.

As always, safety comes first in our industry. This makes it even more vital to ensure your return is safe now the non-essential travel restrictions have been lifted. These checklists are a tool that can help.

CASA’s Fit to Fly checklists are upper-level lists that can be used to complement existing aircraft and personal checklists.

Fit to Fly Checklists

There are four different checklists that cover different subjects:

  • Personal planning this should be carried out before you arrive at the airfield
  • Aircraftensuring this is done a day prior can help you to avoid any delays
  • Aerodrome and Airspace
  • Maintenance

You can view the Fit to Fly checklists and more details from CASA HERE

Compliance awareness

Make sure you are aware of any regulatory requirements that could affect your compliance due to stopping your flying activities. This includes conditions on any of CASA’s COVID-19 relief exemptions that apply to you, your aircraft or your operation.

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