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Manuals and Approvals

Compliance Manual Development

Producing, editing, and controlling technical manuals is a great source of frustration for many business owners. PAS has the technical writing expertise and experience to make your manual authoring and amendment process hassle free.

PAS understand that not all businesses are alike and will take the time to understand your needs.

  • We will meet or speak with you as often as necessary to understand exactly what your requirements are
  • We will create efficient customised solutions that reflect your way of working
  • We will clearly communicate every step of the process and provide advice tailored to your needs
  • We will provide you with the draft documents to review – we do not limit the time you have to review the manual or the number of revisions you can make
  • We will make any revision required by the authority
  • Manuals will be provided to you in an easy to use and editable format (or your company format).

PAS can provide authoring services for the following aviation manuals:

  • Air operators Certificate Manuals (CASA CAAP215-3 or ICAO Annex 6 format)
  • CASR Part 141 and 142 flight training manuals
  • CASR Part 145 or CAR 30 maintenance approvals
  • CASR Part 21 production approvals
  • CAO 48.1(2019) Fatigue Management Supplements
  • Safety Management System Manuals
  • Dangerous Goods Manuals
  • Drug and Alcohol Management Plans (DAMP).

In addition to authoring complete manuals PAS staff are adept at providing amendments and improvements to existing manuals.


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