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Audit Services

Compliance Audit Services

Many business operators recognise the benefit of quality compliance though improved customer acceptance, reduced loss and error and even a reduction in insurance premiums. Internal audit programs are a common component of aviation quality systems. However internal audits are inherently limited to the auditor’s connection to the company:

Some common limitations of internal audit processes include:

  • Staff performing audits often hold dual roles – auditing duties take a back seat to operational roles
  • Internal audit staff can never be fully independent of the organisation being audited
  • Familiarity with company procedures can lead to “blind spots” with regards to compliance
  • Internal audit staff do not have a “big picture” view of best practice in the sector
  • Internal audit staff may not hold auditing qualifications to the level required for an external auditor.

Whilst compliance with the regulations is the acceptable minimum standard with which an organisation must comply, few internal auditors have the breadth of exposure to recognise opportunities for quality and service improvements above and beyond this standard offered by the audit process. By leveraging our extensive experience and exposure to best practice procedures an external audit by PAS can highlighting these improvements during an audit and maximise a client’s return on their audit investment.

In addition, our auditors’ experience in all sectors of the aviation industry ensures that a PAS audit is tailored to your business size and capability and that suggested changes are both appropriate and achievable.

If you would like:

  • An unbiased via of your organisation’s compliance risks
  • Increased credibility with regulators
  • A new perspective on your procedural efficiency and effectiveness
  • To benchmark your compliance and procedures against similar companies in your fields

Contact the friendly audit team at PAS for a confidential discussion of your needs.

Additional Auditing Capabilities

In addition to compliance Audits, PAS can provide the following auditing services:

  • Safety Finding Acquittal
  • Mock Audits
  • Internal evaluation audits
  • Operational safety and technical standard audits
  • Maintenance facility audits
  • Training system or program audits
  • Compliance audit.


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