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Progressive Aviation Services (PAS) is a small, nimble organization, founded by individuals with vast experience in various facets of aviation. It is based in Perth, Western Australia and offers services to clients within Australia and around the world. The Company’s aim is to provide tailored aviation solutions of consistent high quality and value for money to its client base.

While PAS may be new in the international consultancy and training market, it is fortunate to have amongst its staff, individuals who range from Licensed Aircraft Engineers (LAME) to experienced and qualified instructors and content developers, to rotary-wing and human factors experts, to individuals who have “grown-up” and managed in a leading, award-winning airline and Part 147 Maintenance Training Organization. The staff share a common love for aviation and are single-minded and driven to succeed in this venture.

Being comparatively small with lower overheads and fixed costs, while at the same time having at its disposal the aforementioned depth of experience, PAS is in a unique position to develop customized solutions for potential clients at significantly lower costs.

The links below serve to list PAS’ current capabilities and skill sets. We believe in constant communication and exemplary customer service, and we are very selective of who we employ. No project is too small or too big for PAS. The Company has a policy of not accepting work if it cannot ensure delivery of a quality product within an agreed time frame. As such, PAS makes it a point to work on no more than one or two projects at a time. It is not our aim to be the biggest or richest training provider. Rather, we aspire to be first name that comes to mind when clients think of customized, quality solutions at a reasonable price.


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(+61) 423 935 574