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25 Years of CASA – What Does It Mean?

Documentation Review aviation

With the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) now having celebrated its 25th anniversary as the regulatory body for aviation in Australia. It’s a time to look at what has been achieved over that time and, most importantly, what does that mean for the industry?

How did CASA originate

In the wake of the major aviation tragedies of Monarch and Seaview, which saw 15 fatalities, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was split into two new bodies. Airservices Australia was created to look after the air navigation functions, whilst CASA’s job was to maintain and review the safety regulations.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, Australia is currently ranked sixth in the world for our effective national safety system, for which CASA’s work over the last few decades has indeed played an important role.

Achievements under the guidance of CASA

CEO and Director of Aviation Safety Shane Carmody, made clear what key achievements he felt could be attributed to the introduction of CASA as a regulatory body:

  • introducing ADS-B
  • adopting a risk-based approach to surveillance
  • establishing the Basic Class 2 medical standard
  • formalising industry consultation
  • establishing an Industry Complaints Commissioner
  • taking over the Office of Airspace Regulation from Airservices.
  • Movement of Australia’s aviation regulations to an outcome based model under the Regulatory Reform Program

While there are those in industry who doubt that this list could be considered true progress, what is clear is these changes would not have been possible without the continued advocacy of industry bodies and feedback from the aviation sector as a whole.

What does this mean?

While CASA continues to make progress in the introduction of the CASR’s and eventual replacement of the CAR’s, many in industry are understandable fatigued by the constant change in operational procedures. Yet it is vital that industry remain engaged with the CASA processes to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved for industry.

For those in the Aviation sector itself, taking the regulations implemented by CASA and interpreting something so vast in scope and complexity to find what specifically applies to them, can be a huge source of dissatisfaction.

How Can We Help

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