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Increased regulatory emphasis has been placed on aviation organisations to implement formalised training programs delivering specific competencies to employees.

We support organisations in meeting their training and compliance needs through provision of innovative and creative training program delivery, design, and management services.

Why outsource your training requirements to us?

An organisation’s decision to outsource its training and development may stem from a variety of reasons such as a need to reduce costs, lack of training and development experience within the organisation, a need to free up training resources to focus on key business areas or a desire to reduce the organisations exposure to training related risk.

Progressive Aviation Solutions can tailor specific services to your business needs ensuring you achieve your goals whilst maintaining maximum flexibility in your training outcomes.

Which parts of my training can I outsource?

There are many different degrees and combinations of training outsourcing which are adopted by organisations ranging from outsourcing complete training programs to simple program delivery services only. Broadly speaking the areas of training which can be outsourced to Progressive Aviation Solutions include:

Curriculum consultancy

Content consultancy

Course delivery

Assessment design

Train the trainer


Training vendor audit and advisory services
Whatever your training needs Progressive Aviation Solutions have the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure your employees get the skills they need in the most cost effective and efficient manner. For a full assessment of your training needs CONTACT US today.


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