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Technical Writing

Operations Manual Development

Progressive Aviation Solutions can assist in developing and preparing your Operations Manual and negotiating the CASA application process. The consultant allocated to you will also represent your company at CASA meetings if requested. Once you have supplied us with relevant company information, a draft copy is prepared for your review. Any alterations or additions are then made and the documents are copied and bound ready for completion of the application process. Our consultancy staff will handle your application right through to final CASA approval. Once approved, we can assist with any ongoing amendments that may be required to your manual.

Technical Manual Authoring

Our technical writers have the ability to edit and update written content for manuals based on customer requirements. These include General Procedure Manuals, Aircraft Manuals, Component Maintenance Manuals, Safety Management Systems, Operating Manuals, Minimum Equipment Lists, and many more. Our consultants are experienced in the operational requirements of Airline, General Aviation, Helicopter and Military Service providers.

Part 145 MRO approvals

For organizations seeking CASA or EASA Part 145 approval, we can assist in the application process and the development of a Maintenance Organization Exposition (also known as MOE) Part 145 and Part M/Part 42 as well as assisting you to negotiate the application process.

Part 147 MTO approvals

Our principal consultants have experience with developing and implementing maintenance training approvals for CASA, EASA and CAAS (Singapore). So wether you require approval for delivery of Practical Consolidation Training (PCT) or a full 147 basic training program approval our consultants are familiar with your needs.


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